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Lets hope 2013 brings great things for all of us! :D
Merry Christmas everybody!!! :D
I would like to thank these deviants for donating points! It is greatly appreciated!




I would then like to thank this deviant for donating a 3 Month Premium Membership!


I hope you all are enjoying my comics and I promise to continue to improve and put a smile on all of your faces! :D
Hey guys! First off,
Sorry about the time gap between each comic. Homework is killing my free time.
Second, Check out this awesome dub by:

:icondeftfunk: Animation…

And last, I will be posting a tutorial on how I draw my things soon!

That is all for now!!! :D
I will do this in a list type format:

-I just logged onto my account to find out I had been given premium membership by :iconsab3600:. SAB3600,  YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I want to do something special for you! Tell me what you want in my notes!

-Every single one of my watchers and viewers is awesome. Thank you for your kind comments (of which I read every single one of them) and views in general.

- Thank you to everybody who gave me and has given me a llama badge! I appreciate it!

- I want to try and have a new comic out at least once a week (we'll see if this works out).

I just got back from a 2 week vacation and you know what that means, MOAR PONES!!!
I also have open commissions for anyone who is interested in them whether it be a comic or a solo picture! Contact me through my email ( or my notes if you would like a commission. Glad to be back guise! :3
Hey guys! Well this month has been fun so far! :D

:iconxyz72: has created Polish translations of some of my comics. Go check those out :D

Torturing a Princess:…?
The Face:…
Taste the Rainbow:…

:iconnecyria: has dubbed 2 of my comics so far and they're pretty awesome so go check those out:

Fluttershy's Critique:…
Just One Second:…

Also go check out her Youtube channel full of awesome voice work!:…

:icondeftfunk: and :iconnecyria: together made this awesome dub and animation of Diamonds! Necyria did the Voice work and Deftfunk did the animation:


Also check out his Youtube channel with more awesome comic animations!:…

:icondragonious: was my first ever commission and i'm glad i didn't mess it up!


:iconlordzid: generously donated 40 points which I am very grateful for.

And I have received wonderful comments on my work, some llama badges and a number of new watchers. Thank you to everyone! I promise to make each one of my works better and better as time progresses! :D
Two words... Filly Twilight...
Hey guys! So the votes have been restarted on the #EquestriaDailyArt pepetual monthly art challenge for reasons explained on there page. If you would like to vote or have already voted before the restart, please vote here:…

BTW, my entry here is under Jaltamirano ;)
Thanks guys!!! :D
The voting for the #EquestriaDailyArt pepetual monthly art challenge has begun! My entry is posted under Jaltamirano. If you guys like it then plz vote for it plox?! Thank you guys for your support! It is greatly appreciated! :D…
Bronycon today was so fun! All the panels and vendors were awesome and combined it really made my Saturday. I hope tomorrow will be just as fun if not better! See you guys tomorrow! :D
Geez, finals really get in the way of other things don't they? I have so many sketches done for comics but, I haven't been able to finish them off on the computer yet. I have a day off on Thursday so i'm hoping to be able to get a comic done. Let's hope! :D

~J-Z-A out! :iconrarityduckfaceplz:

EDIT: I got a lot of work done today! Chance of a comic by tomorrow = 99.9%

EDIT2: So, this comic is taking longer than I thought it would... darn 0.1%
Just a quick thank you to everyone who has given me a Llama Badge!!!
Although I haven't sent individual messages thanking you guys, I am thankful for them. So thanks!!!
(Look guys, he used 4 versions of the word "thank" in his journal entry today. What a loser!!!)
To all my watchers, commenters and viewers, I would like to thank all of you for your support. I've only been a deviant for what, three weeks now? Thanks to all of you, I have reached numbers I thought I wouldn't reach in 5 months in just three weeks. I can't thank all of you individually but, just know your support is really appreciated.    ~J-Z-A